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Breathing and Therapeutic Coaching online

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You have entered the space of breath work, where you have the opportunity to connect with your inner self and discover its power.

 Breathing has a tremendous impact on people who are very stressed, tense, feel a lot of accumulated anger, cannot relax, have difficulty contacting their body, their needs or emotions. Observing your breathing calms you down, frees you, unblocks you, gives you a feeling of joy and satisfaction, but also allows you to take care of what is calling for help.

 If you are one of those people who are constantly on the run, have no time for anything, take on too many responsibilities, worry about everything, worry, or are always angry, then respiratory and therapeutic coaching is definitely for you.

Shocking Statistics

Did you know that almost 50% of adults experience chronic stress, almost every day. Only 1/3 of the population claims that they have their own ways of dealing with tension. For 20 percent it is smoking cigarettes, for 19 percent. – drinking alcohol, and 15 percent eats stress with unhealthy products.

You have probably already noticed that when you live in a state of stress and constant tension, taking 10 proverbial breaths to calm down, a break for a cigarette or a bar of chocolate do not help and do not really change anything. Each subsequent day in such an atmosphere causes accumulation of problems and difficult emotions and only worsens the already difficult situation.

In a moment you will learn a method of working with the body and emotions that was used several thousand years ago, and its essence and impact on our body is confirmed by the latest, groundbreaking research in the field of pulmonology, psychology, biochemistry and human physiology.

My history

       Just a few years ago, my everyday life was a series of constant tensions, conflicts, stress and rush. When my husband and I decided to start a family and our two daughters were born, after some time we came to the conclusion that we do nothing else but constantly run, preparing something, cleaning, taking the children to kindergarten or school, and here we are. still work, dealing with the emotions of four household members, plus cats.

After some time, I noticed that I was doing most of my activities while inhaling, and I stopped breathing normally at all, because if you're constantly in a hurry, you can't breathe deeply. Not to mention contact with your emotions or body. I stuffed my emotions wherever I could, so as not to pay attention to them, and my body had to be fit and function, and obey orders. Generally, I treated myself as a robot to perform tasks, which, of course, had no right to break down, but life took its course.

You know, I wasn't always stressed, in constant tension and on the run. When I didn't have a partner or family yet, I could devote a lot of time to practicing my beloved yoga and jogging. I have always really liked to move regularly, which meant that my body was naturally in good condition and my breathing was deep and calm thanks to regular meditation. However, the excess of responsibilities and focusing only on the needs of others caused me to lose any contact with myself and my needs.

My biggest problem

I think my biggest problem was being too devoted to my family and children. I was at the very end, or I wasn't there at all. I stopped existing as Agata. I was mainly a mother, a wife, a cook, a cleaner, etc. I repeated a pattern I knew very well from childhood, when I watched my parents cope with everyday responsibilities and, in fact, very often exceeded their own limits, putting excessive strain on themselves.

When I reached the wall, I stopped and asked myself honestly what was happening to me and my life. When I did this, I saw how much I had abandoned myself, how in the throes of all these responsibilities, what I "must", "should", "others are more important", I had lost all contact with my needs and emotions. From that moment on, I realized I needed to find help.

The Truth

Understand, that what your life will look like, depends only on you. Only you can decide to help yourself and start using this help. When I realized this, I bought a course on changing habits and there I encountered something like Breath Coaching for the first time. It was run by a wonderful, warm person. At first, they were group meetings, but after a few times, I felt the enormous benefits of this work. For the first time in my life, I experienced such a strong contact with my body and emotions. Previously, everything I perceived came from the level of the mind, and here I suddenly understood that this body knows what is important to me, that it gives me signals and information, communicates with me and leads me to freedom from suffering, pain, towards joy. and feeling of happiness. This was an amazing discovery for me.

Huge Transformation

Experiencing a huge transformation in my life thanks to therapeutic work with the body and breath, I processed childhood traumas and emotional blockages that did not allow me to move forward with what is important to me.

I started using this tool first to help a few people I knew and my family. Seeing the great effects and how good people close to me felt after such a session, I decided to introduce this method of work during meetings with my clients. By using breathing work regularly, I noticed a huge change in my perception of reality, because during deep breathing, when I learned to focus my attention on what was happening in my body, I reconnected with my emotions. During the session, I can see various situations from the past or present that are burdening me, and which 

I am now able to feel and let go of them. Thanks to these experiences, I developed the habit of contacting my interior and emotions on an ongoing basis, in everyday life. It allows me to quickly cope with more difficult experiences, which is why now I am often calm, in harmony with myself and the world, joyful, relaxed and light. Relationships with people close to me have completely changed, now we often feel a flow of love and mutual understanding, because from the perspective of psychology, the family system affects each other, if one person changes, it affects the whole family.

Instant Effects

    The effects of using Breathing and Therapeutic Coaching are so great and immediate that I decided to share it with the world, which is why I created an online offer thanks to which anyone in the world can benefit from it. I have already coached women living in Norway, Germany and Spain, which shows that there are no limits, you just need to want.

My Cost

   I spent many years finding solutions, I invested a lot of money, paying for schools, training, courses, therapies, books and much more. Of course, you can try to change your life for the better on your own, but do you still have the strength and motivation to do so? I give you a tool in the form of Individual work with me, immediately, without wasting unnecessary time, experiencing quick changes.

My clients came to me with really difficult life experiences, from molestation to physical violence to miscarriages. When they started meeting me, they were in a difficult state, with little hope of improvement. We often met once a week and after just 4 months of transformative work, usually with burdensome family patterns, habitual critical thinking about themselves, deep roots of not being good enough, they began to feel good about themselves. They began to feel joy in life and learned to set boundaries for others in order to be in harmony with themselves. They returned to their own place, next to each other.

My clients' opinions

Below I present the opinions of people who have already worked with me and had the opportunity to experience the effects of Breathing Coaching on their health and life.

Alex Cava FB
During the breathing session with Agata, I felt cared for, listened to and guided.
After the session I felt more... full and calm. It was my first 1 to 1 session, I had participated in group sessions before and it often ended with a nap x)) I think that in such a more direct contact, a deeper connection is possible and the session is also tailored to you, so the difference is definitely noticeable.

Piotr Wesołowski FB
I had the pleasure of having a breathing session with Agata and I highly recommend it! 🥰 A beautifully conducted process, both mentally and physically. Agata is able to create a safe atmosphere and, through accurate questions and instructions, release blockages in the body and contribute to reprogramming the mindset ❤️ Thank you!

Marzena Przybysz FB
Thank you for the breathing session, I am glad that I could experience the journey inside myself with your company, Agata.
You created a space to share difficulties and look at where they come from. Such work is difficult and sometimes impossible to do without support. Thank you for your time, nice conversation and specific work, it means a lot to me. Best regards, I wish you good luck on all your life paths🥰💝🌷

Monika Książek FB
I have been working with Agata for some time. I like being around her, I trust her a lot. The meditations and breathing techniques I use during my workshops and work with clients make me regain better contact with myself and my emotions. During the conversation and consultation with Agata, you can feel that she has extensive knowledge in the field of psychology, Chinese medicine and broadly understood spiritual development. I recommend this wonderful person ♥️

Agnieszka Se
I had the pleasure of experiencing a 1-on-1 breathing session with Agata and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Agata is a very warm, empathetic and trustworthy person with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of personal development. During our session, she created a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, thanks to which it was easy for me to open up, touch and release the burdens that had long been stored in my body. I highly recommend it and thank you ❤️

Magda Biel
I had the opportunity to have a breathing session with Agata. It created a safe space that made it easy for me to open up and talk about things that were important to me. After the session, I felt the tension melt away from my body and I felt lighter. I sincerely recommend such a session to others.

Marzena Kaźmierczak
I had the pleasure of meeting Agata during a breathing session. She guided me through the process with great care, empathy, sensitivity and trust. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart

Żaneta Midura
I only had one (so far) breathing session with Agata and I was delighted 😊 I felt light and bliss inside me 💛 I recommend a breathing session with Agata with all my heart and soul 😊💚

What do you get by signing up for Individual Respiratory and Therapeutic Coaching online?

During the meetings, we are able to work together on every difficult experience in your life, including family traumas, depending on what your body, emotions and energy show, and free yourself from them.
By meeting regularly, you will rebuild your self-confidence, you will have the courage to stand in your strength and power, the courage to be yourself. You will accept yourself as you are so that you can go into life with a clean slate.
Feelings after breathing work: relief, sense of peace, release from accumulated fear, sadness, anger, which creates space for the emergence of new clean energy for action, sudden bursts of joy, excitement with the emergence of new possibilities and solutions.
I will show you techniques that will help you know how to take care of anxiety so that it becomes an ordinary emotion that you sometimes feel gently, and does not paralyze you.
Our energy channels are clogged with judgments, regrets, resentments, fears, anger, despair, hatred, sadness, and we, by meeting regularly, will “take a brush and push through” all these blockages. We will introduce a magical substance into these places in the form of words, positive, cleansing affirmations, strengthening and liberating visualizations that will stay within you and dissolve what is difficult and blocking. During the session, you will unblock the energy channels, thanks to which your energy will be able to flow freely and easily.
After working with me, you will feel safe in your life, which is the basis for development, taking life and experiencing abundance. You will give yourself the right to success, you will trust life, you will feel the guidance of the universe and your own intuition.
During meetings, you receive an individual approach. Each client has their own story, which I look at and adjust the form of work so that you get the greatest benefits.
Breathing and Therapeutic Coaching is an energetic process that, thanks to deep breathing and coming into contact with your body, gives you the opportunity to release to the surface those parts that block you from taking a step forward, e.g. a small wounded child, unloved, rejected, unwanted. , unseen and unimportant. During the meetings, you will establish contact with him, give him everything that you missed in childhood, and fill the huge holes that have appeared in the relationship with your loved ones. By experiencing this, you will let go of the hurts and you will see what is still present but was difficult for you to feel, i.e. LOVE.
Working with me will ground you, root you, transform your emotions, bring relief, strengthen you by building a sense of confidence, heal trauma, harmonize the chakras and much more.
You will heal on the energetic level your relationships with your Mom and Dad, and other important people in your life with whom you have experienced something difficult.
Side effects of regular coaching - ABUNDANCE in every area of ​​your life, financial which means unblocking the flow of money, emotional in the form of finding the way to love in your heart, physical - your body will feel better than ever before because the energy circulating without blockages, it will properly oxygenate and nourish them. Improved relationships in family, with friends and at work.
I will give you specific tips on what you need to do to consistently and indefinitely feel peace, fulfillment, and determinedly create your life on your own terms.


How much is a one-time meeting with me worth, which usually lasts up to 1.5 hours? Where you get the essence of what I have been learning for 20 years. The rate I paid for many hours of learning and development work was at least several thousand dollars, and a one-time Respiratory and Therapeutic Coaching costs 180 USD. But wait a while, because I have some great BONUSES for you.

I have prepared 3 Bonuses for you

BONUS 1: Recording of the Breathing Session “Building your self-esteem”. (Values 47 USD)

By listening to this session, you are releasing one of the biggest blocks to Abundance and Fulfillment in your life. Not feeling worthy of Abundance and Being Fulfilled, thinking that there is something wrong with you, that in order to have something in life you have to work hard for it, try hard, and succumbing to the illusion that someone or something can take it away from you - you close yourself off from free flow and experiencing life in lightness.

During the session, you will be filled with the wonderful, bright and warm light of Love, which will wash away all the unsupportive, critical and judgmental beliefs about yourself and you will realize that you are connected to the source of Love forever. When you need guidance and support, you will be able to listen to the recording of the “Building Your Self-Esteem” session whenever you want and reinforce what you have worked on in our meetings on your own. Thanks to this, the changes that happen while listening to them will stay with you forever. You receive all recordings for life.

BONUS 2: Recording of the Breathing Session "Meeting your inner child". (Value 47 USD)

This session has an incredibly healing effect. It will make you become one once and for all, you will accept every part of yourself, the part you don't like, the part you want to forget and the part you love, like and admire. While traveling in time, you will have the opportunity to meet your inner child, talk to him, find out how he feels, why he suffers, what support he needs to feel joy and the original desire to play.

By listening to the recording many times, each time you can meet your child at a different age, so as to heal wounds at every level of development. This will give you space to understand yourself and why you feel suffering, pain and misfortune as an adult. Regularly listening to the "Meeting your Inner Child" session will, just like the first recording, strengthen all your work that you will carry out during our meetings. This recording will give you a feeling of lightness, peace, unity and harmony in yourself and your life.

BONUS 3: “Wholeness" Breathing Session. (Value 47 USD)

This session is absolutely unique because it is a kind of summary of all your work on yourself, your development, during breathing sessions, but also throughout your life. Everything you did to be closer to yourself, in accordance with the inner voice of intuition. During the recording, I will guide you towards meeting your different Faces, but also with your entire family, so that you can experience what wonderful Abundance, how many Gifts your ancestors have to give you.

Everyone has difficult and unpleasant experiences related to their loved ones, but not everyone realizes that their family also has talents, treasures that maybe no one has ever discovered or treated in such a way, but they existed and you can now fill them, open yourself to receiving them and using them for a happy, fulfilled, abundant life. This recording will make you feel whole, what does it mean? that you will have support from every side you turn. On your right side you have the entire male line, which will strengthen you in going out into the world, in professional success, in pursuing your goals, and on the left side, you have the entire female line, which will strengthen your creativity, creative power, caring, and will take care of the best possible relationships with you. people close to you and your home.


In addition to 3 great BONUSES, I have a proposition for you. When purchasing a one-time meeting with me, you pay 180 USD, if you are ready today for deep work that will transform your life, you can purchase 4 meetings in the form of Breathing and Therapeutic Coaching, once a week, thanks to which you get the FIRST MEETING FOR FREE by paying 540 USD instead of 720 USD. Then one session costs 135 USD

Click the link below and buy 1 or 4 meetings in the form of Breathing and Therapeutic Coaching + 3 Bonuses. Immediately after placing the order, you will receive an e-mail from me with a calendar in which you will choose a convenient date for the first meeting, as well as a link to download all the recordings. There is no courier, post office, etc. You don't have to wait for the shipment.

You will be able to start listening to my recordings within 5 minutes and take the first step towards your transformation, before our meeting. The recordings will prepare the base and your body for coaching work, Don't delay. Click the button below and join many satisfied customers.

When purchasing coaching, the currency will be in Polish zlotys. The price may vary depending on the exchange rate on a given day and your bank's transfer fees ( if applicable ).

If we don't know each other yet, let me introduce myself.

My name is Agata Brzezińska - Emotion Release Through Breathing Therapist, TMC Dietitian, Reiki

My road has been bumpy.
Since I was 19, I started to be very interested in psychology and working with emotions, because I felt unhappy myself and I really wanted to find the answer to how to find happiness in life, what happiness is. Following different paths, I found out that I was ACoA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), which helped me understand myself better and work through this area in therapy. In the meantime, I graduated in pedagogy, social counseling and resocialization.
Later, for health reasons, I started delving into Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five transformations, herbal medicine and diet therapy.
I am fascinated by foot reflexology and acupuncture. Work and contact with the body came to me in the form of TRE (Tension Realasing Exercises)
, and after some time I found wonderful breathwork that fascinated me.

Thanks to this, I began to discover new qualities in contact with myself, my feelings, soul, intuition, etc. I have many interests and I approach people holistically, but I loved breath coaching with all my heart because it surprises with its simplicity and effectiveness.
Of course, during coaching, I use all my knowledge gathered over the years to work with the client. On a daily basis, I conduct individual brathing and therapeutic coaching, and from time to time I organize stationary workshops or online courses on dealing with emotions.
I attend the European School of Family Constellation Method of Bert Helinger.
My dream has always been to work with people and help them by sharing what supports me and what I learn in my life journey. That's why I also created a profile on FB, IG and Tik Tok Agata Brzezińska - in harmony with myself, where I share what I love and what appeals to me.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join me on a journey, together we can move mountains.

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