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“My Space” 5 Unique Relaxation and Breathing Sessions (recordings)

Hello, glad you're here!

You have entered the space of breath work, where you have the opportunity to connect with your inner self and discover its power.

Breathing has a tremendous impact on people who are very stressed, tense, feel a lot of accumulated anger, cannot relax, have difficulty contacting their body, their needs or emotions.

Observing your breathing calms you down, frees you, unblocks you, gives you a feeling of joy and satisfaction, but also allows you to take care of what is calling for help.

If you are one of those people who are always on the run, don't have time for anything, take on too many responsibilities, worry about everything, or are always angry, then breathing sessions are definitely for you.


I have a great proposition for you. 5 recorded Unique Relaxation and Breathing Sessions "My Space", at a unique price especially for you, over 35% cheaper 🙂. Remember this offer is only available on this website. I encourage you to reach for your New Space to build FOUNDATIONS now for the change you want in your life.

Each session lasts approximately 12 minutes. This is the amount of time that everyone can find in their busy everyday lives and give themselves this moment to relax and contact with their body and emotions.

When purchasing a Breathing Sessions, the currency will be in Polish zlotys. The price may vary depending on the exchange rate on a given day and your bank's transfer fees ( if applicable ).

"I AM" Breathing Session

Each Breathing Session is devoted to a different topic. During the first "I Am" breathing session, we will start from the basics - you will discover your essence, accept yourself and your feelings. You will immerse yourself in the "here and now" moment and let your breath be your guide.

During the "I Am" Breathing Session, after deep relaxation, we enter visualization that will strengthen your sense of being a MIRACLE, being a unique being. It is enough that you are, you exist to receive from the universe. I want you to believe that you are truly amazing, unique, and accept yourself completely as you are. This will open the door for you to work on yourself and your life, because how you perceive yourself is very important.

“Give Yourself” Breathing Session

During the second "Give to Yourself" breathing session, you will take care of your interior. You will touch on the area of ​​your relationship with yourself. You have the right to take care of yourself, give yourself time to do what you love, take yourself on a date, to the cinema, paint, dance, whatever you like to do. Often, stressed people are so busy that they don't even know that they have any needs, they completely forget about themselves.

What areas will you touch?

- Taking care of your needs - allow yourself to understand what you really need in life. Through deep breathing, you will dive into your feelings to discover your hidden desires.- - This session teaches you how to practice self-acceptance and love yourself unconditionally. Through breathing, you learn to look at yourself with love, acceptance and understanding.
- - by focusing on your desires and needs, you will also learn how to be the most important thing to yourself.
- - Discover the beauty of solitude by learning to spend time with your own thoughts, dreams and passions. This is a perfect time to develop your hobbies and discover new interests.
Benefits Related to the "Give Yourself" Session:
🌱 Develop Self-Awareness - Discover deeply hidden aspects of your personality and feelings.
💖 Strengthening Self-Acceptance - You learn to accept your advantages and disadvantages, building a healthy relationship with yourself.
🌟 Finding Inner Peace - Through your breathing, find peace in your mind and heart.
🎨 Creative Self-Discovery - you have a chance to discover your passions and interests, and develop your creativity.

“Boundaries” Breathing Session

What does the session include?- - through deep breathing, you learn to identify your emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries. You gain the ability to recognize when they are crossed and how to respond to them.
- - one of the most important aspects of assertiveness is the ability to say no. This session helps you find the strength to say no when the situation requires it, without feeling guilt or fear of rejection.
- - you learn how to express your expectations and needs in relationships with others. Assertiveness helps create healthy boundaries in interpersonal contacts, which contributes to building lasting and respectful relationships.
- - through breathing, you build inner self-confidence and strength that help you defend your boundaries. Over time, you become more self-confident and resistant to external pressure.
Benefits Related to the "Borders" Session:
💖 - You will learn to express your feelings and needs in an assertive way, without aggression or submission.
💪 - You will build internal self-confidence and a sense of value that will help you become more resistant to external influences.
🤝 - Enables you to create lasting, respectful relationships in both your personal and professional life.
Ready to Discover Your Assertiveness?

“ABUNDANCE” Breathing Session

The fourth Breathing Session will be devoted to ABUNDANCE. If you are always angry, you either block your anger or other emotions so much that your body is tense to the limit, so you don't feel the flow of energy because the tension creates stiffness and stagnation. Thanks to this recording, energy channels will open in your body and your space, allowing you to experience abundance in every area of ​​your life. Financial abundance, which means unblocking the flow of money, emotional abundance in the form of finding the way to love in your heart, physical abundance - your body will feel better than ever before, because the energy circulating without blockages will properly oxygenate and nourish it. Improved relationships in family, with friends and at work.

“Hollness” Breathing Session

The fifth "Fullness" Breathing Session is a summary thanks to which you will accept your whole self, accept all the parts into your heart, those you don't like and those you love.This session is absolutely unique because it is a kind of summary of all the work on yourself that you will do while listening to the previous sessions. Everything you did to be closer to yourself, in accordance with the inner voice of intuition. During the recording, I will guide you towards meeting your different Faces, so that you can experience what wonderful Abundance and how many Gifts you have within you.
Everyone has difficult and unpleasant experiences, but not everyone realizes that they also have talents, treasures that you may have never discovered or treated in such a way, but they exist and you can now fill yourself with them, open up to accepting them and using them for a happy, fulfilled, abundant life. Each of your faces, those you like and those you don't like, gives you specific skills, and what is difficult about you can actually be used to your advantage in your life, if you are open to it.

This recording will make you feel whole, what does that mean? that you will have support from every side you turn. Your various character traits and predispositions are related, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, to male and female energy, Yin and Yang. You have both energies within you, and they intertwine with each other, thanks to which the masculine energy strengthens you in going out into the world, in professional success, in pursuing your goals, and the feminine energy strengthens your creativity, the power to create, caring, and takes care of the best possible relationships with people close to you and your home. Take advantage of them and use them TO THE FULLEST.

To sum up

You receive 5 recorded Unique Relaxation and Breathing Sessions "My Space", at a unique price especially for you, over 35% cheaper :-). Remember this offer is only available on this website. I encourage you to reach for your New Space to build FOUNDATIONS now for the change you want in your life. Thanks to the sessions, you will have the opportunity to work through what blocks you in life, establish a much better contact with your inner self, find out where your limits are being exceeded and much more.

Click the link below and order everything over 35% cheaper.

Below I present the opinions of people who have already worked with me and had the opportunity to experience the effects of Breathing Coaching on their health and life.

Alex Cava FB
During the breathing session with Agata, I felt cared for, listened to and guided.
After the session I felt more... full and calm. It was my first 1 to 1 session, I had participated in group sessions before and it often ended with a nap x)) I think that in such a more direct contact, a deeper connection is possible and the session is also tailored to you, so the difference is definitely noticeable.

Piotr Wesołowski FB
I had the pleasure of having a breathing session with Agata and I highly recommend it! 🥰 A beautifully conducted process, both mentally and physically. Agata is able to create a safe atmosphere and, through accurate questions and instructions, release blockages in the body and contribute to reprogramming the mindset ❤️ Thank you!

Marzena Przybysz FB
Thank you for the breathing session, I am glad that I could experience the journey inside myself with your company, Agata.
You created a space to share difficulties and look at where they come from. Such work is difficult and sometimes impossible to do without support. Thank you for your time, nice conversation and specific work, it means a lot to me. Best regards, I wish you good luck on all your life paths🥰💝🌷

Monika Książek FB
I have been working with Agata for some time. I like being around her, I trust her a lot. The meditations and breathing techniques She use during my workshops and work with clients make me regain better contact with myself and my emotions. During the conversation and consultation with Agata, you can feel that she has extensive knowledge in the field of psychology, Chinese medicine and broadly understood spiritual development. I recommend this wonderful person ♥️

Agnieszka Se
I had the pleasure of experiencing a 1-on-1 breathing session with Agata and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Agata is a very warm, empathetic and trustworthy person with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of personal development. During our session, she created a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, thanks to which it was easy for me to open up, touch and release the burdens that had long been stored in my body. I highly recommend it and thank you ❤️

Magda Biel
I had the opportunity to have a breathing session with Agata. It created a safe space that made it easy for me to open up and talk about things that were important to me. After the session, I felt the tension melt away from my body and I felt lighter. I sincerely recommend such a session to others.

Marzena Kaźmierczak
I had the pleasure of meeting Agata during a breathing session. She guided me through the process with great care, empathy, sensitivity and trust. I recommend it from the bottom of my heart

Żaneta Midura
I only had one (so far) breathing session with Agata and I was delighted 😊 I felt light and bliss inside me 💛 I recommend a breathing session with Agata with all my heart and soul 😊💚

When purchasing a Breathing Sessions, the currency will be in Polish zlotys. The price may vary depending on the exchange rate on a given day and your bank's transfer fees ( if applicable ).

Few words about me

My name is Agata Brzezińska - Therapist of Releasing Emotions through Breathing, Dietitian of Traditional Chinese Medicine.My road has been bumpy. Since I was 19, I started to be very interested in psychology and working with emotions, because I felt unhappy myself and I really wanted to find the answer to how to find happiness in life, what happiness is. Following various paths, I found out that I was ACoA, which helped me understand myself better and work through this area in therapy.
In the meantime, I graduated in pedagogy, social counseling and resocialization. Later, for health reasons, I started delving into Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five transformations, herbal medicine and diet therapy. I am fascinated by foot reflexology and acupuncture. Work and contact with the body came to me in the form of TRE, and after some time I found wonderful breathwork that fascinated me. Thanks to this, I began to discover new qualities in contact with myself, my feelings, soul, intuition, etc. I am currently studying at the European School of Family Constalations by Iza Kopp.
I have many interests and I approach people holistically, but I love breathing sessions with all my heart because they are surprisingly simple and effective. Of course, during the session I use all my knowledge acquired over the years while working with the client. On a daily basis, I conduct individual breathing or therapeutic sessions, and from time to time I organize stationary workshops or online courses on dealing with emotions.
My dream has always been to work with people and help them by sharing what supports me and what I learn in my life journey. That's why I also created a profile on FB, IG and Tik Tok Agata Brzezińska - in harmony with myself, where I share what I love and what appeals to me.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join me on a journey, together we can move mountains.

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